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Spiritual Native American Crafts

Welcome to Spiritual Native American Cratfs Inc.

Here at S.N.A.Crafts, each item is hand made, so therefore each one is one of a kind. Alot of love, hard work and time is put into each item.

Here at S.N.A. Crafts, we are dedicated to providing you with beautiful, hand made, spiritual Native American items, that can help you obtain your spiritual goals. Our gifted artist comes up with new designs and crafts regularly.

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Item of The Month


This game is a representation of L-rods that were used in Egypt and China up to 7,000 years ago and work as Radioesthesia (interaction of the drowsers mind and the energy of the pbject of intrest.)
The game board helps to develope these skills which can be used in many different areas...
Finding people and lost objects,
Psychic awakining of mind and spirit,
Locating a high energy area,
And for seeing if a person has positive or negative fields around them.
This game is hand painted and crafted.